Hospital Product

Diapers / Hand Gloves / Mask / Cotton and Many other Hospital Product that you needed can let us Know. A Quality Product ( like of Friends, Comfrey, Amkay )at a wholesale Price and at your Doorstep.

ECO-Friendly and Degradable Product

Phenol for floor / Phenol for Marble use / Harpik for Washbasin and Bathroom and Toilet cleaning at a wholesale Price and at your Doorstep.
.Cane of 5 litres of Each, For 5 to 6-month use.

FDA Products(Hand Wash)

Fresh Lime, Peach, White lily Fragrance
FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Product.
Cane of 5 litres only.For 5 to 6-month use..

If required pls ask for free samples and prices of the product.