Patient Care Service

This Employee is also well trained in Vital Trends like(Hygiene, Discipline, BP check/CPR/Sugar/Pulse/Respiration/Temperature/Insulin/and also in how to Assist Paralysis Patient /Strokes/Parkinson/Alzheimer /Dementia Patients. 

There’s a growing need for supportive care service to both the frail elderly and the disabled. Those experiencing limitations in their daily activities or individuals recovering from an illness may need assistance in carrying out tasks, so we provide patient care, Cancer care, Paralytic¬†care, Alzheimer care, Dementia care, OPD care services to the client.

We are expert in Patient Care Taking services in which managing patients who are not capable of doing their own work. Our caretakers do everything from supporting your patient’s mobility, maintaining hygiene, feeding, to helping in exercise, all with industry-leading expertise. They have won appreciation from our clients for the dedication and way of handling the patients. They feed the patients, give them a bath, make them take medicine on time and also make them sleep. Each and every step they handle with patience and soft manner.

Our Trained care Assitant for Patient care know details about what tasks they perform:

Bed making, Changing Diapers, Lunch, Walking Assistance, Follow-up Medicine, Bathing, Dinner, Breakfast, Assitance for washroom, Monitoring & Checking Health, Feedback to Family Members/Doctors.

Making bed / Washing clothes & Utensils of patients /Making light food for patients/ Spunching/ Giving bedpan/ Assistancee in bathing & Washroom/ Changing diapers/ Giving oral medicine / Bromming / sweeping / Dusting of the patient room Support them to walk / Routine exercise of 15 min twice a day(if necessary ) feeding Food/Snacks/ Tea. and having a positive conversation with them.